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Surplus stock

All surplus springs are inventory items that can be shipped from day to day.

Note, however, as it is a surplus sale, only the stated quantity can be delivered.

If you want larger quantities og other items please contact our commercial department for an offer and price.

Please note that there is an overall minimum order size of 1,000 DKK/134 EUR, ex VAT - Ex Works.


Compression springs

Compression springs - from 0.1 mm to 25.00 mm wire diameter. Galvanized, painted or finished in some other way.

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Tension springs

A tension spring can have a wire diameter from 1.0 to 25.0 mm. Tension springs are supplied with all types of loops, hooks or with a threaded insert.

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Harrow tines

Harrow tines are supplied in a thickness of up to 18.0 mm. Generally they are finished with paint or galvanized.

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Torsions springs

Lateral springs, arm springs or torsion springs are the same product. An arm spring can be supplied in a wire thickness of 0.1 to 25.0 mm.

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Pickup springs

A pickup spring can be supplied in a thickness of up to 18.0 mm.

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Locking rings

A locking ring is a spring that makes it possible to fasten two items together. Locking rings are also supplied with arms.

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